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Djinn or Djinni(singular) are potent creatures that assisted the eight Adepts on their adventure. There are a total of 28 available Djinn in Golden Sun: The Broken Seal and 44 Djinn in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. After transferring the Djinn from Golden Sun, there are a total of 72 Djinn available to use in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Djinn can boost the characters' stats, be used in battle, or be used to power Summons.


List of Djinn


__Venus Djinn__


Flint - The very first Djinni you encounter in Golden Sun: The Broken Seal. Essentially it the only Djinni that talks (not including Echo in The Lost Age). "Strike a blow that can cleave stone."


Granite - "Create a mighty earthen barrier." A Djinni that adds an aura of defense around your party for one turn.


Quartz - "Revive a downed ally."


Vine - "Tangle foes to drop Agility."


Sap - "Attack a foe and steal HP." A Djinni that not only gives damage but can also restore energy to the user.


Ground - Uses the forces of gravity to immobilize your opponent for one turn.


Bane - A Djinni that can only be found on the secret island called Crossbone Isle. He can give damage and potentially can poison your opponent.


__Mars Djinn__


Forge - This Djinni raises the attack of your party for a certain amount of turns.


Fever - Uses the power of heat to raise an opponents fever and give damage.


Corona - A Djinni that raises the defense of your party for a short time.


Scorch - Scorches your opponent to dish out major damage.


Ember - Uses the small speckles of fire to restore Power Points to your party.


Flash - The strongest defensive Djinni. Surrounds the party with an aura of defense for one turn.


Torch - Causes damage to an enemy and ignores their defense.


__Jupiter Djinn__


Gust - Using the pure power of wind to deal out damage and possibly a double-strike.


Breeze - Uses the cool of the breeze to provide a defense for a short period.


Zephyr - Increases speed with winds might for a short period.


Smog - Strikes the opponent with foul air and lowers their accuracy.


Kite - Gives a user two turns in one turn.


Squall - The force of lightning strikes the opponent to damage and possibly paralyze the opponent.


Luff - Uses outside forces to seal an enemy's Psynergy.


__Mercury Djinn__


Fizz - Restores Health Points to one member in your party.


Sleet - Gives damage to the opponent and drops their attack.


Mist - Lulls a foe into deep sleep.


Spritz - Restore party HP with soothing mist.


Hail - Uses the power of heavy balls of ice to do major damage.


Dew - Restores a downed party member.

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