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Psynergy is a type of psychic energy. It is aligned with one of the four Elements, and a person who uses Psynergy is called an Adept.


Psynergy that is not aligned with the elements, meaning it is not used for attack or planned defense, is more or less like the classic description of telekinesis or psychic power. The Adepts have the ability to move things such as boulders with this power, levitate objects, and carry objects. However, certain elemental powers of Psynergy are used for both attack and usage outside of battle. The powers grow as time goes on.


There is also some mysteries to the power. Psynergy is revealed in the first game to sometimes act instinctively when the Adepts are in danger. In one part of the first Golden Sun game, the Adepts are shielded by strange blue barriers of Psynergy that protect them from danger. The power seems to come as a reaction, not through desire or concentration.

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